How to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

It’s nearly December and we all know what that means… the holiday season is almost upon us! This likely means that you’ll have a bunch of holiday parties and events to attend in the weeks leading up to Christmas. If you’ve been maintaining a strict diet you may be worried about what to do during all these events, where often there will be plenty of delicious, but unhealthy, food on offer. Here are a few tips to follow during your various holiday events, to keep you on track with your healthy diet while still enjoying all the festive fun the season has to offer!


If it’s a potluck, bring a healthy dish

Potlucks are great because they give you the option to bring your own food! If you’re concerned that there won’t be any healthy food at the party, at least by bringing your own dish you’ll know that one offering will be nutritious. Examples of healthy potluck dishes include a crudité vegetable platter with homemade hummus dip, a quinoa or cous cous salad, or a fruit platter for dessert.


Don’t overeat! All good things in moderation

During the holidays we all have a tendency to overeat. It is the holidays after all! But if you’ve been careful in maintaining portion control in your regular diet, you should continue doing so during the holiday season. A buffet or potluck dinner can be difficult to gauge portion sizes as you’ll find yourself nibbling absentmindedly. A top tip is to fill a plate with as much as you’re happy to eat and then stop there! This way, you know exactly how much food you’re consuming.


Eat before you go to the party

Another option is to have a light meal before you go to your party. This way, you’re not ravenous when you get there and tempted to eat everything in sight! By eating a healthy dinner at home, you can feel rest assured that you’ve filled your belly with top-quality nutritious food and then if you feel tempted to have a little dessert or eggnog, you can indulge guilt-free!


Continue to make healthy choices

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you need to pig out, even if everyone else is! If you are attending a work christmas party at a restaurant that includes a sit-down meal, continue to make healthy choices. While a full turkey dinner is usually on the cards, don’t feel bad by choosing a healthier option like fish, or even the vegetarian dish.


Healthy Meal Plan will continue to deliver fresh and nutritious meals to your door throughout the month of December, so don’t despair about keeping up your positive eating habits over the holidays! Contact us today if you are interested in trying out one of our meal plans during the month of December. We will be closed from December 23rd through January 2nd — so make sure to keep our healthy-eating tips in mind then. We wish all of our clients a happy and healthy holiday season!

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