Healthy Halloween Habits

Halloween is a great holiday because kids can have lots of fun dressing up and pretending to be someone (or something!) else for a few hours. As adults we get to greet all the cute kids at our door and see their smiling faces as we fill their bags with candy! However, that doesn’t mean all your hard work teaching your kids about healthy eating has to go down the drain. Consider these before, during, and after trick-or-treating habits¬†to ensure you and your family have a healthier Halloween.


Before Halloween

We encourage parents to delay purchasing candy until the last possible moment so that it doesn’t get eaten ahead of time! On the 31st, ensure your kids have healthy meals throughout the day, but especially for dinner. This way you can make sure they’re full of healthy vitamins and nutrients before they fill up on sweets. You can even pack a few healthy snacks such as trail mix or an apple for trick-or-treating, rather than have them indulge in their candy while they are still out.


During Halloween

Leave the car at home. While you and your kids are out trick-or-treating, make sure to walk. Although driving can be faster, walk and even try to take the longer paths so that your kids (and yourself!) get a little extra exercise in before spoiling yourselves with some treats. If they get hungry, offer them the healthy snacks you packed.


After Halloween

Once the festivities are over, limit your kids’ candy consumption by allowing them to keep only their favourite treats. Tell them they should donate the rest, or save it for later. Consider putting the candy somewhere your kids won’t constantly see it… after all, out of sight out of mind! Finally, be a role model and eat treats in moderation yourself.


We hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween! If you need some help making sure you and your family are eating nutritious meals while snacking on Halloween treats, contact our team at Healthy Meal Plan to learn more about our scrumptious healthy meal options.

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