Stuff Your Turkey Not Your Tummy: 4 Healthier Alternatives to Thanksgiving Dinner

Did you know that the average calorie intake for Thanksgiving dinner is 3,000 calories? That’s more calories than recommended in a full day of feasting. At Healthy Meal Plan, we believe in eating delicious, healthy and enjoyable food. Here are four easy ways to cut back on calories, but still bask in the delights of a holiday dinner, simply by swapping out your traditional Thanksgiving foods for some healthier alternatives.


1- Start by swapping out regular white potatoes for sweet potatoes.

They can be cooked in many different ways depending on taste and preference but ultimately have fewer calories (90 calories vs 130 calories). Sweet potatoes are also a higher source of fibre, vitamins and minerals.


2- Stuffing is a favourite at the holiday dinner table, and we all know it isn’t very healthy.

By simply switching from regular stuffing to rice stuffing you can lower both your fat and carb intake. Keep savouring your stuffing while sustaining your health!


3- Swap your sauces!

Thanksgiving is known for all kinds of delectable gravy and cranberry sauces, but those can add over 100 calories to any of the dishes you choose to consume. This year, test out some healthier sauces. Here are some recipes for lower calorie cranberry and gravy sauces.


4- Finally, keep your side dishes healthy.

Complete your healthy Thanksgiving dinner with any of the following low calorie vegetables as a side dish.


Side Dish

Calories per 100 grams
Brussels Sprouts















We hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving weekend! If you need some support keeping your health on track afterwards, contact our team at Healthy Meal Plan to learn more about our delicious healthy meal options.

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