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How Healthy Meal Plan Can Help You During (And After) Your Pregnancy!

Being pregnant is no walk in the park. You have various aches and pains to deal with, in addition to an insane hunger and an ever-growing belly. There are enough things for an expectant mother to worry about, and whether or not the food she is consuming is healthy enough for her unborn baby shouldn’t be one of them. Here at Healthy Meal Plan, we understand how stressful pregnancy can be, and so that’s why we want to help in any way we can!

 During Pregnancy

A pregnant women is expected to increase her calorie intake by about 300-400 calories a day during pregnancy. Crazy late-night cravings aside, she wants to feel rest assured that the food she is eating is premium fuel for her growing baby. This is where we can help! Not only are our meals carefully designed with health and nutrition in mind, they are made from scratch and taste delicious!

If you’re an expectant mom who plans to work right up until your delivery date, you likely get home from work exhausted with little energy to cook a nutritious meal. By choosing Healthy Meal Plan, you save yourself effort in the kitchen, meaning you’ll have free time for the more important things — like getting your rest, spending valuable time with your partner, and deciding what colour to paint the nursery!

After Pregnancy

Congratulations on bringing your little bundle of joy into the world! Aren’t they just the cutest? We are sure that you instantly fell in love and want to spend every available moment with your little one. What you probably don’t want to be doing, amongst changing dirty diapers, feeding your new baby, and trying to catch a few hours of sleep, is worrying about grocery shopping or making sure you’re getting the right amount of nutrients to properly recover after giving birth. With Healthy Meal Plan, you can benefit from having a freshly prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered directly to your home to you everyday. No stress, no worries, just good, home-made healthy food.

Our goal at Healthy Meal Plan is to make delicious and nutritious meals easily accessible and affordable, whether you are a fitness fanatic, new parent, or just don’t have the time to cook! Our wide and varied range of healthy meals are very competitively priced. Give us a try and check out our plans today! You won’t be disappointed.

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