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9 Healthy Travel Hacks

Warmer weather often means increased travel for both work and play. But how do you keep healthy while on-the-go? Airport food is often processed and high in calories, and exercise is nearly impossible in cramped quarters. If you want to avoid the over-stuffed, bloated-and-tired travel hangover, consider trying these nine healthy living tactics:

Make a pre-travel protein shake

Before you leave for a travel day, blend a nutritious, protein-packed shake to tide you over for the first few hours. Including fruits and veggies will add even more nutrients (and the healthy fiber will help you avoid indigestion, a common issue for travelers).

Bring your own snacks

Don’t feel limited to fast food or airplane snacks. Bring your own health snacks to store in your carry-on and curb those hunger pains. Jerky, raw nuts, and granola bars travel well and will provide long-lasting protein and energy.


The cabin air pressure and lower humidity levels in airplanes commonly causes dehydration among passengers. Avoid dehydration and fatigue by loading up on water before, during and after your flights (and steer clear of dehydrating drinks like coffee, alcohol and soda).

Pack workout gear

Often hotels will have workout centers, jogging tracks or walking trails. Take advantage of these resources or the sidewalks around your hotel. The extra exercise will help boost your energy and metabolism while on vacation (and make you feel less guilty about any cheating).

Take a vitamin supplement

Packing a multivitamin or probiotic supplement will ensure you get the nutrients you need, even if your diet and routine aren’t as great as they should be. Taking multivitamins regularly might even help keep your immune system boosted while you’re exposed to more travel germs!

Choose healthy restaurants

Do some research ahead of time to find restaurants that serve healthier, local or farm-to-table options. Then, suggest those restaurants to your coworkers or travel mates for evening dinners. If all else fails, choosing meal options full of fruits and veggies will better than heavier, harder-to-process meals like steak and carbs.

Buy groceries

Buying groceries saves time and helps you eat healthier while traveling. Consider purchasing lighter breakfast and lunch options, and then using evening meals to sample the local cuisine at restaurants.

Take naps

One of the biggest issues when traveling is missing sleep. Planes don’t offer the best rest, and it may take some time to get used to sleeping in a strange place. So, make sure to grab a nap whenever possible between activities to keep your energy level high.

Walk instead of ride

Instead of grabbing a taxi or car-share, walk to local restaurants and activities. You’ll be able to experience and enjoy more of the local area while you’re on vacation, while also burning calories.

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