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4 Benefits of Canada’s ‘My Food Guide’ App

If you’re ever in doubt about how much you can eat of your favourite foods, Canada has an app for that. My Food Guide is an interactive tool that takes Canada’s Food Guide and suggested food guidelines and customizes it based on your age, sex and food preferences.

Wondering what this app offers? Here are just four potential benefits of using the app:

Portion control

Ever wonder if you’re overserving yourself? With this app, you can learn how many servings you’ll need to eat from each of the suggested four food groups.

Balanced food choices

Unfortunately, you really can have too much of a good thing! This guide helps you pick your favourite types of food from each food group, ensuring you get enough nutrition from each.

Personalized food recommendations

The My Food Guide app suggests how to balance your meals based on personalized factors such as your age and sex.

Nutrition information on-the-go

If you ever need a good reminder of what foods you should be choosing (and how much of each), you can access your customized prole anytime via the app. The app also helps you explore different ways to exercise and keep active.


The My Food Guide app is just one of several apps that can help you make healthy food choices and keep you motivated to be active. Other apps that can help you make healthy choices include calorie counters, fitness trainers and step counters. What are some of your favorite health apps?

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