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3 Snacks To Curb Your Sweet Tooth

We know how tough it can be to ignore the craving for something sweet.  Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to avoid anything sweet at all cost, you can instead consume foods that have natural sugars.  Here are some snacks you can enjoy that will not only curb your sweet tooth, but they will not hinder your healthy eating progress, and you don’t have to feel guilty after you indulge.  Now that is a win-win for us at Healthy Meal Plan!

1 Smoothies

Find yourself craving something cold like a milkshake or ice cream?  Smoothies are a healthier alternative, but still give you that sweet taste you are after.  Try blending some fruits with orange juice, water, ice cubes and yogurt.  By adding yogurt, you give the smoothie the same sort of consistency a milkshake would have.  If you don’t like yogurt,  you can always substitute it for soy or protein powder to achieve the same thickness.

2 Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Chocolate? Yes, that’s right— dark chocolate! Cut up bananas into bite size slices and dip them in melted dark chocolate then freeze them.  Super quick and easy, and definitely does not lack in taste.  Bananas contain fibre and potassium which fills you up and keeps you feeling fuller longer.

3 Trail Mix

Sometimes the craving for something sweet like candy, can be caused by the desire to have something hard or crunchy.  Trail mix is a healthier alternative, and gives you that crunchy texture.  You can make your own trail mix at home rather than store bought.  Some of our favourite things to include are: dried cranberries, cashews, dark chocolate chips, raw almonds and banana chips.

Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  You don’t have to cut out everything sweet altogether to be healthy.  Consuming foods listed in the alternatives above allow you to satisfy those cravings with healthier, more natural sugars that are not processed.  So enjoy these snacks between your Healthy Meal Plan meals, and keep up the good work.  Not signed up with us yet?  Click here to see a list of our plans, we would love to be a part of your journey.

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