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11 Simple Food Swaps

We often make excuses as to why we aren’t eating healthier— we don’t have access to healthy food, are in a rush or just don’t know how to make the best nutrition choices, and we definitely understand.  However, healthier eating can start by substituting a few common meal items. These food swaps pack the same punch, but offer more benefits and less calories. Check out these simple food swaps your body and stomach will love!


1 Orange juice for an orange:

One cup of squeezed orange juice has 24 grams of sugar. An orange itself, however, has half the sugar and a lot more fiber.

2 Latte for black coffee: 

Lattes are often mostly milk and calories, while a straight cup of Joe is lower in calories and higher in antioxidants. Sweeten your cup up with a splash of milk or honey instead.

3 Iceberg for spinach:

Sure, iceberg lettuce is green and has that satisfying salad crunch— but it has hardly any nutritional value. Spinach has iron, magnesium, folate and vitamins A and C to boost your metabolism.

4 White bread for whole wheat wrap:

With white breads, most of the nutrition is bleached out. Whole wheat options, on the other hand, offer extra protein and fiber that may actually help you burn fat.

5 French fries for potato salad: 

French fries are mostly packed with grease and sodium. Chilled potatoes are a better alternative because they offer more resistant starch (a starch that makes you feel fuller longer).

6 Spaghetti for spaghetti squash:

While spaghetti is high in calories and carbs, spaghetti squash provides vitamin C, folate and magnesium to give you an energy boost.

7 Regular ground beef for grass-fed beef:

Regular ground beef has more fat than grass-fed beef options. Plus, grass-fed beef offers more antioxidants, omega-3’s and other vitamins than regular, grain-fed beef.

8 Mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower:

Cauliflower will give you the same taste as mashed potatoes, with more vitamin C and about 89 less calories per serving.

9 Potato chips for kale chips:

Roasted kale chips will give you the same savoury crunch as potato chips, but also serve up vitamins A and C, calcium and folate.

10 Milk chocolate for dark chocolate:

Dark chocolate has half the sugar as milk chocolate. It also lasts longer, tastes richer and provides more antioxidants.

11 Ice cream for frozen blended banana:

If you have a sweet tooth and crave ice cream and frozen yogurt, try some blended frozen banana instead. It will have the same consistency, and be 170 calories less per serving.

We hope you enjoy these healthy food swaps as much as we do! Here at Healthy Meal Plan, our meals are packed with healthy foods for those of you looking to make a change, or to maintain your current healthy lifestyle.  Sign-up with us today! 


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