Frequently Asked Questions


Prior to signing up, we ask that you provide us with drop off instructions if you know you won’t be there to receive your meals. Some options consist of:

  1. Leaving your cooler bag with ice pack in front of your door;
  2. Have someone at home receive the meals for you;
  3. You can notify us that you won’t be home, and you can pick up the meals at the store located at unit 2- 1160 Heron Road; 
  4. You can purchase one of our cooler bags with ice packs- $20 fee and it is yours to keep. It will be dropped off with your first order. You can then use it to leave outside for future deliveries. 

We currently deliver to the Ottawa and Gatineau areas, up to 30 km from our location ( 1160 heron road). If you are interested in a delivery outside the 30 km, please use the contact us page and send us an email to process your order manually if possible.  

a Flat fee of $7.5 will be added to your total for delivery if your order is under $200. 

Over $200 a flat fee of $5 would be added to your order. 

Healthy Meal Plan Delivers every Sunday Between 2:30- 6:30pm.

You can also request pick up and have the ability to pass by our location ( 1160 heron road unit 2) to pick up between 3-4pm on sunday.

Any other requests, please use the contact us page to email us your request. 

With the current circumstances, Drivers are not allowed to enter elevators at apartment buildings. Your meals will be dropped off in the lobby area once buzzed in. You will be notified upon delivery to ensure you pick up your meals. Other arrangements can be made but they have to be approved by our team. 

Meals are delivered in recyclable and microwave-safe containers in an insulated cooler bag with ice pack. You can purchase a cooler bag with ice packs. A one-time $20 non-refundable fee). This is only for customers who will not be home to receive meals.

Customers will have their cooler bags with ice packs outside. When the driver arrives, they will put your meals inside the cooler bag with ice packs to keep the food between 1-5 degrees Celsius. The cooler bag will be left in front of your door.

Customers who opt out of purchasing a cooler bag will receive their meals in a plastic bag with their delivery information on it. If there are no cooler bags outside and we cannot get in contact with the member or anyone, the meals will be left outside your door steps. 


No Reoccurring charges, Simply go online weekly at your convenience and place your order before the deadlines. If you are interested in daily delivery service, please go to 


All payments are final; however please contact us to discuss options.


Your meals are being cooked in a large facility at 1160 heron road. We are a kitchen only that do not allow any sit down customers. Our staff is well trained and cautious.

We offer a wide variety of meal that are free of hormones, antibiotics, and non-GMO unprocessed whole foods.

· Clean Meals with LOW SODIUM

· Most of our meals are Gluten free, Dairy free, No Peanuts.

· Micro balance meals as per Canada's Food Guide.

Heating Heating instructions:

Meals are to be heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit

A heat time is present on the label- it is recommend to follow.